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BH Core Jet

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This is the bike for you if

You want an electric road bike with the appearance and geometry of a conventional bike and an optimised Q Factor of 163 mm.

Its unique technology is

The down tube in Core electric bikes has a battery with a capacity of 540 Wh and an autonomy of up to 115 km.

It’s different because

The Core’s frame lines maximise the visual sensation of a bike with minimalist lines and a refined and stylish aesthetic appearance. The result: the simple and minimalist integration of the electrical components with the elements you would expect to find on conventional road and gravel bikes.


One of the most important features of Core e-bikes is their 115 km range, thanks to the large capacity of their 540 Wh hidden battery, which has energy density of more than 234 Wh/kg.

The charging port is located on the side of the down tube, enabling fast charging: it is possible to charge the battery to 80% in 1.5 hours.


The motor of Core e-bikes is characterised by being extremely quiet, compact, lightweight and powerful. It is integrated into the frame with a minimal visual impact and a low centre of gravity and it is protected by two side housings to ensure an insulated and hermetic seal.

It only weights 2.5 kg and enables the use of conventional double-plate groupsets. And it does not generate any friction in non-assistance mode, allowing the user to use it at speeds above 25 km/h without any additional effort.

The motor delivers 250 W of power and generates a maximum torque of 60 Nm.The motor was designed to be as small and compact in size as possible. It has also been designed with users of road and gravel bikes in mind:

With a Q-Factor of only 163 mm which optimises the cyclist’s performance, efficiency and ergonomics.

With extremely short rear chainstays for a very quick and reactive geometry.


The Core bike features ACR steering, enabling 100% internal cabling and ensuring very clean lines.


The Core display is fully integrated in the stem and includes colour LED lights for the different modes. The Trekking range includes a central LCD display integrated in the stem.


Designed for iOS and Android, it can be used to change the display’s LED colours and set parameters for the assistance modes.




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