Merida eBig.Tour 500 EQ

Fra: 29.998,00 kr.27.998,00 kr.

eBIG.TOUR gets given the ‘Kauftipp’ in the latest ElektroRad test

Following in the footsteps of the eSPRESSO which was given the ‘sehr gut’ (very good) and the ‘value for money’ certificate in the ‘trekking bikes’ category of the latest test in German e-bike magazine ElektroRad (issue 01/2020), our eBIG.TOUR was even more successful with achieving a ‘sehr gut’ and ‘Kauftipp’ (top purchase tip) in the ‘SUV-bike’ category.

Despite its discreet looks, the eBIG.TOUR managed to ‘shine’ and really ‘impress’ the testers. On the outside ‘a hugely comfortable trekking bike’ yet from within, driven by the ‘genes of a sporty mountain bike’. The solid mudguards, a strong rear rack and the impressive light system raise the commuting ability of the bike. Shimano’s E7000 motor manages to ‘bridge mountain and trekking bike requirements perfectly’. The overall package allows the MERIDA to ‘tackle more demanding off-road tracks without too much trouble’. With its ‘low centre of gravity’ and the ‘playful handling’ the eBIG.TOUR is perfectly equipped for the city jungle.

‘MERIDA offers a good looking and solid all-rounder with the new eBIG.TOUR 500 EQ. Its handling is playful and the range of application is huge’.

+ well balanced
+ all-round usability
+ well thought through components
+ great price


HFS-hydroforming Prolite 66 triple butted aluminium 29er hardtail frame with integrated battery technology, heavily sloping top tube and a sporty yet comfortable geometry. ‘Smart Entry’ cable routing for rattle free running. E8000 and E7000 frame version come with casting motor bracket creating an integrated appearance of the motor into the frame as well as provides an extremely strong connection between frame and motor. Comes with integrated fixings for mudguards and side stand. Multiple fixing positions for water bottles and accessories.


The eBIG.TOUR EQ is rolling on 29er wheels which have fantastic ‘rolling over obstacles’ behaviour. As standard, it comes equipped with 2.2″ wide tyres which offer plenty of grip and comfort. If no fenders are fitted, the tyre can go up to 2.35″ improving the off-road riding characteristics even further.


A two-component battery cover, which offers perfect protection for the internal battery. The softer (outer) layer reduces noises, seals the downtube perfectly and absorbs hits from trail debris easily, while the harder (inner) layer ensures that the battery does not get damaged and gives it the structural shape. All critical parts like the rubber strap and o-rings for perfect fitting can be replaced.


The eBIG.TOUR EQ frame offers the possibility to fit a water bottle or further accessories like a lock or pump in two different positions. One is on the top of the down tube, while a second is below the top tube. This gives the rider, besides the possibility to mount bottle cages, the option to mount for example a folding-lock or pump bracket.


The system weight of a bike is the combined weight of bike, rider and additional luggage. The allowed system weight here is 140 kg. As an e-bike is already heavier than a regular bike, and as it also makes it easier to transport larger amounts of luggage, it is imperative to certify a higher overall system weight. All MERIDA e-bikes, as well as all used componentry, go through a rigorous and e-bike specific testing schedule which mimics the higher forces and strains to guarantee the rider the highest level of safety.


100 mm up front offers lots of comfort while having plenty of reserves when you choose a more ‘off road’ route home. Ultimately E-MTBs encourage the rider to go ‘off the beaten track’ whenever possible.


The E8000 battery is perfectly integrated into the hydroformed down tube and delivers an impressive 500 Wh long detours home – the perfect aggregate for the new E7000 motor, which impresses commuters and sporty riders with its perfect balanced power delivery. However, for the more performance orientated rider we also offer a complete E8000 system.

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Nav: Shimano F/M-400-B, 110×15, R/Shimano MT510-B, 148×12. Dæk: Maxxis Ikon 29×2,2, fold. Kassette: Shimano M7100, 10-51T. Kæde: Shimano M-7100. Styr: Merida Expert CC, 720mm. Frempind: Merida Expert CC. Sadel: Merida Expert TK. Sadelpind: Merida Expert CC, 34.9 mm. Pedal: VPE-537. Motor: Shimano E7000, 60Nm. Batteri: Shimano E8035, 504Wh. Display: Shimano SC-E6100. Bagagebærer: Merida TA-7603B, incl lys. Skærme: Sunnywheel. Støtteben: CL-KA98, 29”  Farve: Mat mørk grå (sort). Størrelser: M(43cm)-L(48cm)-XL(53cm). Anb. pris: 29.998,00.

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