Merida Silex 700 2021

17.498,00 kr.


The SILEX is available in two options. The ‘classic’ SILEX standing on 700c wheels, being the perfect ‘all-road’ bike which loves lanes, forest tracks and gravel or the new more ‘rugged’ SILEX+ version, which can easily tackle more demanding terrain due to its more burly 650B wheels and 45 mm tyres. The choice is yours. Both options are based on the same frame, so wheels are exchangeable at a later date.


As standard, the SILEX comes with 700x38c tyres and the SILEX+ with 650Bx45c. The maximum tyre size for 700c wheels is 42 mm (road profile) while with 650B wheels being fitted, tyres up to 50 mm wide road profile tyres on the carbon and up to 42 mm on the aluminium bikes can be run.


In line with the design ethos of versatility and go anywhere, the SILEX is available with a wide range of luggage and accessory options, including frame bags and big saddle packs. The frame features fender mounts on the rear triangle as well as on the fork, transferring the SILEX quickly and easily into a fast training bike for the winter or a versatile commuting and touring bike.


The majority of SILEX models are fitted with 1x drivetrains for simplicity, resulting in weight reduction and fewer moving parts. A 1x can deliver 98 % of the gear range of a 50-34 compact chainset with an 11-32 road set up.


Lightweight carbon or sophisticated aluminium frame options. Key differences, other than construction materials, are that the carbon frame has a lower weight and is equipped with an integrated seat post clamp to minimise turbulence at the top tube.



Silex 700. Stel: Silex Lite. Forgaffel: Merida Silex CF2. Kranksæt: Shimano GRX810 48-31T. Gear: 22. Skiftegreb: Shimano GRX810. Bagskifter: Shimano GRX810. Forskifter: GRX810. Bremser: Shimano GRX810. Fælg: Merida Expert CX. Nav: VP SLK170/ 270. Dæk: Maxxis Rambler. Kassette: Shimano CS HG700, 11-34T. Kæde: KMC X11. Styr: Merida Expert GR. Frempind: Merida Expert CW. Sadel: Merida Expert CC. Sadelpind: Merida Expert CC 30,9mm.Farve: Mat race rød (blank mørk rød). Størrelser: S(47)-M(50)-L(53)-XL(56). Anb. pris: 17.498,00.

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